Technical systems
Professional photography


All types of projectors from 3000 to 30.000 ansilumen Production and stage management with standard and full HD video cameras; also mobile production truck with 22 video cameras, all types of screens and LED Walls, plasma monitors from 42” to 103” and all kinds of graphic mixers. The following are some examples:

Panasonic 5000 ansilumen DLP
Panasonic 6000 ansilumen DLP
Barco 10.000 ansilumen DLP
Barco 12.000 ansilumen DLP
Barco 20.000 ansilumen DLP
Barco 18.000 ansilumen FULL HD
Barco 30.000 ansilumen FULL HD

Plasma 42”
Plasma 50”
Plasma 61”
Plasma 65” HD
Plasma 103” HD

Grass Valley turbo
Digital beta
Dvc pro
Betacam SP

Regia Bicamere std
Regia Tricamere std
Regia Full HD

Watchout version 4
Folsom Encore 3ME HD
Folsom Screen Pro 2
Folsom Encore VPX 3ME HD

Consolle Folsom

Truck with max. 22 Telecameras
Telecameras SONY
Telecameras PHILIPS

Barco outdoor 7mm
Barco indoor 8mm
Barco indoor 6mm

Barco Mitrix
Soft Led Main Light

All types of sound equipment. International artist and sound engineers have appreciated our services.

Sound Equipment
loudspeakers Electrovoice XLC127
loudspeakers Electrovoice XLINE
loudspeakers Sub 2x18" Electrovoice
loudspaekers K-ARRAY HK15
loudspaekers HK PRO12
loudspeakers Sub LEM T5SA 1x15"
loudspeakers lina array Kilowatt Sound System LA206
mixer Yamaha PM5DRH
mixer Yamaha LS9-32
mixer Roland M400
mixer stage DDA QII 36ch
mixer Makie Onix 4080
stage box 40+8 ch 100mt
digital snake RSS Baby Snake 16+8 ch
radio Sennheiser EV300
radio Sennheiser EM550
TX handless 835/935
TX dodypack
lavalier MKE40
stage monitors HK PRO12M
frontfills Kilowatt FA206
CDJ player Tchnics DZ1200MK2
solid state recorder Tascam
CD player Tascam
table mic Shure Easyflex
podium mic Sennheiser

Par 16 50w incasso Spotlight
Par 16 50w Spotlight
Par 36 75w Superlucciola Spotlight
Proiettore Junior 150w FilmGear
Par 56 300w silver DTS
Par 56 300w black DTS
Multipar 575w Amlux
Par 64 1000w black DTS
Par 64 1000w black Thomas
Parcan 64x6 unit socapex Thomas
Parcan 64x4 unit ACL 250w 28v Thomas
P.C.1000w Combi Spotlight
P.C. 1000w Vario Spotlight
P.C. 2000w Vario Spotlight
Profile Source four 750w Body ETC
ottica 19°
ottica 26
ottica 36°
ottica 50°
Iride Etc

ETC Source four zoom 15/30
ETC Source four zoom 25/50

Fresnel 300w Strand
Fresnel 650w Strand
Fresnel 1000w Strand
Fresnel 2000w Strand
Fresnel 5000w Strand
Fresnel 650w Arri
Fresnel 2000w Studio Arri
Fresnel 5000w Studio Arri

Domino 1000 w Spotlight
Minilte asimmetriche 500w Ianiro
Ribalta a 4 lamp 300w Spotlight
Pincers edison 250w Ianiro
Pincers edison500w Ianiro
Quarzo pincers 800 w Cosmolight
Quarzo pincers 2000 w Ianiro
Variabem 2000w Ianiro
Flash 400 w DTS

Qt. Motorized
Digital spot 5000 ROBE
Pro Spot lx 250 Coemar
Pro Wash lx 250 Coemar
Pro Wash 250 TAS
Giotto Wash 400 SGM
Giotto Spot 400 SGM
Giotto Spot 400 CMY SGM
Color wash 575 AT ROBE
Color Spot 1200w Eat ROBE
CyberLite 1200 Cx HIGH END
Panorama 2 x 575 w COEMAR
Colormix 575 ROBE
Color command 750w HIGH END

Qt. LED light
Moduled 318 AYRTON
ArcLine Double Outdoor Optic 72 rgb 25°x6° ANOLIS
ArcLine Outdoor Optic 36 rgb 25°x6°
ArcLine Optic 36 rgb 25°x6°
ArcLine Optic 12 rgb 25°x6° Alim. Posteriore
ArcLine Optic 24 rgb 25°x6° Alim. Posteriore
ArcLine Optic 36 rgb 25°x6° Alim. Posteriore
ArcLine Optic 18 rgb 25°x6° Alim. Laterale
ArcSource 6 rgb Faretto Led 25°

Qt. Effetti
Change color Rainbow 1 kw
Change color Whisper 5 kw
Change color Chroma-Q Universal
Change color Chroma-Q standard
Strobo 1500 w SGM
FAN Jem dmx con controllo manual
Smoke machine F 100 HIGH End
Smoke machine Hazer 400 ROBE
Smoke machine Varismoke SGM
Smoke machine Hazer Genius
Mirror ball Diam.50cm DTS
Wood 400w Spotlight
Follow spot 1200w msr Spotlight
Follow spot alogeno 2000w with c.colors

QT. Desk
Gran Ma Lighting
Whole hog II
Echelon 1000 ch
Hog 500 ch
Compulite Spark 4D
Compulite Spark lx
Strand 12/24ch Serie 100
Strand 12/24ch Serie 200
Unit motor 4 ch
Unit Master station ASL
Set ASL complete with 5 locations and 6 headphones

QT. Dimmer
Rack SGM 36 ch dmx
Dimmer 6 x 3 Kw Electron out 6x16a 220v
Dimmer 6x3 Kw Electron out 2 socapex
Dimmer Electron 3x5 Kw
Dimmer 3x 2 Kw Electron out 3 x16a
Dimmer 12 x 3 Kw SGM
Splitter Ibse
Splitter Q.Buffer

Qt. Power Box
IN: P. Look 400a Out: 12x32a 380v - 3x63a 380v-10x16a 220v
IN: P. Look 400a Out : P.Look 160a --8x32a 380v - 3x63a 380v
IN: P. Look 250a Out: 8x32a 380v
IN: P. Look 250a Out: 4x32a 380v 3x 63a 380v
IN: P.Look 200a Out: 3x63a 380v
IN. 32a 380v Out: 11x16a 220v with 4 split
IN. 63a 380v Out: 12x16a 220v with 6 split
IN. 32a 380v Out: 12x16a 220v with 6 split
IN: 32a 380v Out: 3x32a 220v--3x16a 220v
IN: 32a 380v Out: 6x16a 220v
IN: 16a 220v Out: 3x16a 220v

Q.t. Truss Qx 30
QX 30 cm10,5
QX 30 cm21
QX 30 cm50
QX 30 cm100
Qx 30 cm 150
QX 30 cm200
QX 30 cm250
QX 30 cm300
QX 30 cm350
QX 30 Curves mt. 3
Qx 30 L2
QX 30 L3
QX 30 T3

cross junction with 8 ways
QX 30 cube
QX 30 corner hinge 1mt.
QX 30 Base 80x80 Kg 30 in iron
QX 30 Base 50x50 in alluminium
Kit quick connection for truss litec spigot

Q.t. Truss QX40
QX40 cm 10'5
QX40 cm50
QX40 cm100
QX40 cm150
QX40 cm200
QX40 cm250
QX40 cm300
QX40 cm400
QDX 40 L2
QDX 40 L3
QX 40 cube

Q.t. Truss FX40
FX40 cm200
FX40 cm300
FX40 cm400

Q.t. Truss FX30
FX30 cm 300
FX30 cm 250
FX30 cm 200
FX30 cm 150
FX30 cm 100

Qt. Rigging
Rods diam. 8 lung. 1.5 mt. R/R diam.10
Rods diam. 8 lung. 2.60 mt. R/R diam.10/12
Rods diam. 8 lung. 3mt. R/R diam.12
Rods diam. 8 lung. 4 mt. R/R diam.12
Rods diam. 10 lung. 1,5mt. R/R diam.14
Rods diam. 10 lung. 2,5mt. R/R diam.14
Rods diam. 10 lung. 3mt. R/R diam.15
Rods diam. 10 lung. 10mt. R/R diam.14
Rods diam. 10 lung. 10mt. R/R diam.14
Rods diam. 12 lung. 1.5mt. R/R diam.14
Rods diam. 14 lung. 2mt. R/R diam.14
Belt crik H 35 lung. 3mt free ribbon
Belt crik H 50 lung. 4mt free ribbon
Ring poly SVL 2 mt p.2000kg
Ring poly SVL 4 mt p.2000kg
Grillo 2 ton
Grillo 3,25 ton
O Ring ( campanella)

Qt. Accessories x suspension and lifting
Tower lift TL2 H. mt. 6.50 portata 500 kg.
Genie Super Tower H. mt. 7.80 portata 295 kg.
Elevator Whincer H. mt.5.50 portata 75 kg.
Stativ Wind up H. mt.3.70 portata 30 kg.
Stativ standard H. 2.50 portata 20 kg.
Piede da ponte Manfrotto
Stabilizzator for truss
Paranco el. Verlinde portata 500 kg. Catena mt.18
Paranco el.Chain Master 1.000kg. Catena mt. 18
Paranco manual Verlinde 500kg. Catena mt. 12
Paranco manual Tractel 500kg. Catena mt. 12
Paranco manual YALE 500kg. Catena mt. 12
Paranco Tralift 500kg. Catena mt. 12 + sack
Morsa Tractel
Hook Aliscaff single
Hook Aliscaff double
Hook Aliscaff small
Hook Aliscaff with colfare e mezzo spigot
Hook C Iron / Alluminium
Magic Arms
Hook Super clamp
shank with male threaded pin 16mm
Clamp C junior
Extension stand with steel shank 29mm
Barracuda from 260 to 470
Barracuda from 60 to 100
Barracuda from 130 to 220
Barracuda from 200 to 360
Barracuda from 260 to 480
Iron hinge x Qx30 360°
Base a H in iron 25x25
Barra toro
Cross bar with shank 29mm
Cable stage Adam hall mt 1 3 vie
Cable stage litec cable cross mt 1 3 vie
Sling theatrical iron (horizontal) 4 spaces
Sling teatrical iron(vertical) 3 spaces
Brackets balcony
trolleys cm. 200x100
Piantana 50x50complete with Tube 4mt. E 24 braccetti
Piantana 50x50complete with Tube 4mt. E 12 braccetti
Piantana 50x50complete with Tube 4mt.
Double plate diam.30cm
Brackets hook
sack ballast water
Trabattello 8mt

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